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  • Historic Bristol Day 2020: Bristol "Then and Now" Virtual Scavenger Hunt

    The COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020 may have changed a lot of our plans for this year, making Historic Bristol Day different than what we are used to, but you can still celebrate our town’s rich history through a virtual scavenger hunt!

    Click through to read the rules for participation (there is a prize!), find the photographs of Bristol past to use in the hunt, and see an example of how to submit your entries. Check back to this space and the “Bristol ‘Now’ Photographs” section after Bristol Day to see your work on display!

    Scavenger Hunt begins on October 1, 2020, and ends on October 31st at 11:59 PM. Entries can be submitted via social media or email any time during this period. Be sure to tag us!

    The Scavenger Hunt is now closed for entries. 

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    Along the Canal: Treasures of the Grundy Library Archive

    This exhibit chronicled the history of the canal in Bristol using historic photographs, maps, and news articles from the Library’s local history collection. Also on display were a selection of treasures from the Library Archive featuring artifacts from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. The exhibit ran from October 3 through November 2, 2013.


  • William Averell Harriman.jpg

    Harriman and the Merchant Shipbuilding Corporation: the Rise of a Community

    This exhibit, "Harriman and the Merchant Shipbuilding Corporation: the Rise of a Community," was on display at the Grundy library from October 11 through November 3, 2012. On display were photographs and artifacts commemorating the Harriman Shipyard and the town that grew with it. The WWI-era Harriman village is part of Bucks County’s rich contribution to planned communities. 

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  • Early Firefighting.jpg

    Answering the Call: Bristol's First Responders

    The exhibit Answering the Call: Bristol's First Responders was the Grundy Library's 2019 annual exhibit highlighting the borough's police force, firefighters, and emergency medical technicians. It ran through the month of October, opening on October 4th and closing on November 2nd. Items on display included photographs from the local history collection, as well as many artifacts and photographs generously loaned to the library from our local first responder organizations. A highlighted feature was a "Day in the Life" section, depicting the day-to-day activities of a police officer, firefighter, and EMT. There was also a "Kid's Corner" which allowed for children to play dress-up as their favorite type of responder. 

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  • Lenape.jpg

    Bristol's Riverfront Connection

    Bristol's Riverfront Connection was the Grundy Library's 2014 annual exhibit featuring the Delaware River and its relationship with Bristol Borough. 

    The Delaware River was the major factor in the initial development of Bristol and continues to be one of the elements which makes the town unique.  The access to transportation on the river and the abundant natural resources made this area a natural choice for its early inhabitants.

    The intertwining of Bristol’s history and the Delaware River cannot be overstated, from its earliest inhabitants the Lenni Lenape to the European settlers, this area along the Delaware River was a natural draw for early inhabitants for its abundance of food and natural resources.

    For most of its history, Bristol Borough was the county’s only seaport.  It was not until 1932 after the channel was deepened that the first ship reached the post of Trenton. 

    Not only did ships sail in and out of Bristol, from the earliest days it was a shipbuilding center as early as the mid-eighteenth century.  Bristol was the only location in Pennsylvania above Philadelphia where a shipbuilding industry was established. The first reported ship built in the county was the 25-ton sloop expedition built in Bristol in April 1727.

    Over the years the river has played an integral role in Bristol’s development motivating the creation of shipbuilding, the site of terminus of the Delaware Canal, and a multitude of industries. Bristol became a hub for travelers enroute to Philadelphia and Burlington, NJ via steamboat and ferry.

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  • Bristol's Beginnings.jpg

    Shopping & Dining in Bristol: Then and Now

    The exhibit Shopping and Dining in Bristol: Then and Now was the Grundy Library's 2018 annual exhibit highlighting the history of small business in Bristol from the founding of the Borough to present day businesses and activities. Throughout the exhibit, visitors viewed photographs, records, and memorabilia depicting the transformation of various types of business in Bristol over the years. The exhibit’s offers visitors the opportunity to reminisce about Bristol’s bustling past and celebrate in its renewed growth through today’s local businesses.

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  • EarlyMillPhoto.jpg

    Made in America: The Grundy Mill & the Business of Spinning Wool

    Explore the Library's permanent exhibit digitally. The exhibit was created in 2017 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Grundy Museum. The exhibit spans historical records from the Museum and Library Archives showing the history of the Grundy Mill and the wool processing industry.

    Visit the Grundy Library's exhibit room in-person to view the complete panels and other interactive elements of the exhibit! 


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