Margaret R. Grundy Memorial Library Archives

[Postcard: 5th grade class photograph, unidentified school]


Dublin Core




Catherine McElroy, Bertha Heimbach, Mary Worthington, Esther White, Dorothy Swangler, Caroline Scull, Mary Watson, Evelyn Bennet, Josephine Johnson, Marie Bosler, Marian Wear, Teresa Maseilla, Anna Paul, Emma Fischer, Mary Cochran, Florence Carson, Vera Kennedy, Beatrice Grimes, Anna Jeffries, Florence McIhany, Dora Thompson, Reba Slotter, Margaret Ogden, Edward Thompson, Charles Defeglia.

Sam Zichett, Henry Vetter, Melvin Yeagle, Hamilton Kelly, Jacob Lentini, Frank Breece, Horrace Saxon, Marvin McEuen, John Brasila, Leroy Lynn, Charles Walters, Clement Smoyer.




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“[Postcard: 5th grade class photograph, unidentified school],” Margaret R. Grundy Memorial Library Archives, accessed May 19, 2024,