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Bristol High School Yearbook 1945: Les Memoirs, "Freedom and Democracy"


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Les Memoirs Staff


The Senior Class, Bristol High School




Les Memoirs Staff:
Mary Elizabeth Finegan, editor-in-chief.
Emma Melideo, assistant editor.

Literary Editors: Robley Hill, Vera Kwochka, Julia Koob.

Literary Staff: Shirley Peet, Betty Lebo, Joseph Paoletti, Michael Mandio, Gerald Yorty, Emma Lou Neill, Robert Clickenger, Rosemarie Welsh, Frances Mancini, Naomi Lowris, Julia P. Sagolla, Helen Woods, Mary Bell, Doris Tomlinson, Vivian Taylor, Marie Costantini.

Art: Jean MacArthur, Walter Rittler.

Photography: Jack Stetson, editor; Barbara Sheldon, Inez Mauger, Peggy Fallon, Philip Orazi, Walter Rittler, Betty Lebo.

Business Staff:
Vivian Fisher, Peggy Fallon, business managers.
Margaret Yura, Philip Orazi, advertising manager.
Staff: Anthony Costantini, Marvin Collins, Sophie Bielecki, Mary Accardi, Jean Thomas, Angelo Bersani, Joseph Embessi, Elain Quillen, William Nysse, Dominic Oriola, Carrie Bailey, Margaret Graham, Frank Palowez, Joseph Warschewski, John D' Angelo, Chester De Luca.

Typists: Vida Mulholland, Mary Riebel, Emma Wright, Viola Lecki, Mary Robinson, Theresa Spezzano, Claire Bardley, Norma Kerr, Marjorie Sackville, Isabel Miller.


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