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Local Cemetery Records


This collection contains historic cemetery records for the following, Bristol-area cemeteries: Bristol Cemetery (Volume I), Bristol Friends Meeting Burying Ground, St. James Episcopal Church Cemetery, St. Marks Churchyard Cemetery, and Tullytown Public Cemetery (Falls Township). A brief history of each cemetery is provided in addition to plot information.

It should be noted that "Original Record of the Bristol Cemetery Land Company, 1882-1929: Volume II" is available as a bound manuscript from the Grundy Archive and Grundy Library upon request (reference material only). Volume II contains information from the original record book, with additional information such as: place of birth, place of residence, death date, and section and lot number. It was compiled by Hazel Lamon, 1994.


various creators, with a majority of the records transcribed by Hazel Lamon


various publishers




some edits and additions made to records by Grundy Archive volunteers Harold and Carol Mitchener


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Physical copies of some records are available in the Local History Reference Section of the Grundy Library. Other physical copies are available upon request. For more information, please see the Grundy Library website here:


Individual pages have been uploaded to this website as JPEG files -- a single PDF file is available from the Grundy Archive upon request. Bound manuscript copies can also be found in the Local History Section of the Grundy Library as reference materials.



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Bristol Friends Meeting Burying Ground [Cemetery Records], General David Forman Chapter, DAR, Trenton, New Jersey

General David Forman Chapter, DAR, Trenton, New Jersey

Hazel Lamon, Genealogical Records Chairman, Mrs. Donald Widdows, State Genealogical Records Chairman, Mrs. Edward A. Molenti, State Regent, Mrs. Eldred Martin Yochim, President General National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution, Mrs. James Robert Greene, National Chairman, Genealogical Records Committee.
Tombstone Inscriptions from the St. James Episcopal Church Cemetery, Bristol, PA.

Copied and indexed by Clarence H. King, Bucks County Historical Society, Doylestown, PA. August 1993, revised August 1995
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