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Bristol Cemetery, Bucks County, PA. Volume I: Tombstones, 1990


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Note from the author, Hazel E. Lamon, April 15, 1990:

"This book is divided into two parts. The first part contains a short history of the Bristol Cemetery and includes tombstone inscriptions. The second is a brief history of the Bristol Methodist Graveyard and includes the Record of Removals in 1951.

The Plot Plan is not the original and can only be used in conjunction with this book.

Volume II will be completed at a later date.

I am grateful to Mr. Martin Lautz, Superintendent of the Bristol Cemetery for permission to record the tombstones, and to Mrs. Rita Smith who made the records available for verification.

My appreciation to the Reverend Kenneth E. Gelzhiser, Pastor of The First United Methodist Church for permission to copy the church record. For almost 40 years the cemetery record had been put away and forgotten until 1989. We are grateful to the then church secretary, Mrs. Betty Scheich for finding the record and making it available.

My sincere appreciation to all who have had a part in the preparation of this work."


Hazel Lamon




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"Original Record of the Bristol Cemetery Land Company, 1882-1929: Volume II" is available as a bound manuscript from the Grundy Archive and Grundy Library upon request (reference material only).

Volume II contains information from the original record book, with additional information such as: place of birth, place of residence, death date, and section and lot number. It was compiled by Hazel Lamon, 1994.




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