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    Located on the Landreth Estate called Bloomsdale. It was closer to Green Lane than the Bloomsdale House. Berwick was built in 1875 by David Landreth and the cost was twenty-two thousand dollars. It was made of brick. David Landreth lived there until 1895 when he moved back to Bloomsdale House. He remained in Bloomsdale House until 1903. At that time, Annie Landreth took possession of the estate and home in a sheriff’s sale. Mr. Landreth moved to a rented house on Radcliffe Street in Bristol at number 628.

    The people in the photograph are (from left to right) Burnet Landreth, David Landreth V with dog, Meta Phillips Landreth, Van Phillips, Nellie Phillips, Frances Landreth, and Symintgon Phillips Landreth with dog.
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