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    Pictured are Nicholas Mannherz (1911-1969), proprietor, and employee Joseph Cuttone. Patron is unidentified.

    Nicholas purchased the shop from his father Peter’s estate in 1942. Peter died in 1941. Upon Nicholas’s death, Joe Cuttone took over the business in 1969. The building was then sold to an investor. Based on the Grand Theater poster in the photograph, this image was taken around 1946.

    The Mannherz family had a farm in the Edgely section of Bristol Township. Peter originally had a barber shop in the main street in Tullytown, before moving to Bristol. Nicholas’s family moved to 283 West Circle in 1946 from an apartment at Farragut Avenue and Monroe Street. Mary Jane Mannherz was a previous director of the Margaret R. Grundy Memorial Library and is the daughter of Nicholas and Jane Mannherz.
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