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[Bloomsdale Estate, belonging to the Landreth family]


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This was the original estate house build on the Landreth Seed Farm (Bloomsdale) located at Radcliffe Street and Green Lane. The oldest part of the house dates from 1752. December 25, 1776 either General Cadwalder or General Putman used this house as their headquarters when preparing to cross the Delaware River to help General Washington. The Landreth family lived there until 1903.

It had eight bedrooms on the second floor and many closets. The third floor had three bedrooms, a water tank room, numerous closets, and three garrets for unused furniture storage.

There were two large parlors on the first floor, named ‘winter’ and ‘summer’ parlors. A fine hall of walnut and ash separated the parlors. The rear hall door opened upon a portico. There was an observatory on top of the house.

There was a sitting room separated from the dining room by folding doors. There were two kitchens, two rear halls, and a rear stairway. Next to the ‘winter parlor’ were two library rooms with walnut and ash. There was an immense cellar. Every room had a fireplace. Apple tree wood, red-cedar, and locust were burned without limitation until the old wood supply was used. They then burned West Virginia soft coal.

The house was sold at a sheriff's sale in 1903 to a sister of David Landreth named Annie. A year later, it was sold out of the family.

About 1860, the lawn was at the zenith of its perfection.




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