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Bristol High School Yearbook 1941: Les Memoirs


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Les Memoires Staff


The Graduating Class, Bristol High School




Les Memoires Staff:
Sylvia Singer, editor-in-chief.

Literary staff: Mary Brown, Myrtle Collier, Robert Bauroth, Margaret Rathke, Emma Spezzano, Betty Wilson, Roy Houser, Robert Swangler, Eunice McIlvaine, Rita Riggs, Betty Somers, Grace Downing, Jack Randall, Ruth Bachofer, Ted Krushynski, Wendel Tazik, Marion Bolton, June Allman.

Jennie Di Benedetto, business manager.

Raymond Eckert, advertising manager.

Typist: Esther Tomlinson, Litizia Cialella, Frances De Gregorio, Yolando Maggi, Helen Repella; advertising: George White, Lydia Wright, Howard Hellings, Emilie Bielecki, Margaret Wildman, Calvin Hutchinson.

William Bensch, photographic manager.

Gilbert Herman, Betty Harman, Helen Boccardo, Dolores Pierters, Ralph Neitzel, Edward Newman, Jasper Mangiarcinia.


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