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Bristol High School Yearbook 1942: Les Memoirs


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Bristol High School Yearbook Staff


The Graduating Class, Bristol High School




Yearbook Staff:
Literary Editors: Julia Palowez, Matilda Brown.
Anna Woler, Genevive Yaniro, Edith Tomlinson, Rosemary Riley, Francis Delia, Gerson Miller, Mildred Kershaw, Charlotte Albright, Betty Albright, Joseph Brady, Genevive Kwochka, Emidio Caucci, James Petrino, June McLaughlin, Virginia Cocci, William Veitch, Helen Dewsnap, Margaret Galizia, Armond Capriotti, Richard Casemirri, Doris Nelson, Albert De Voe, Betty Brown, Dorothy Polack, Anthony D'Angelo.

Typists: Frances Gilardi, Marion Serchak, Jennie Lattanzi, Elizabeth Marshall, Gladys Cochran, Cecelia Paul, Lillian Keers, Alice Eimer.

Photography Manager, Carmen Ciallela 12A2.
Albert Dowden, John De Long, Elva Brambley, Robert Monti, Ruth Flum, Emily Sak, Agnes Virostek, Alfred Rogers, James Hopkins.

Art Manager, Theron Howell, 12C2.
Anthony Mandio, Frances Tomlinson, Doris Pearson.

Business Manager, Anita Locke, 12C1.

Subscription Manager, Anita Marsh.

Advertising Manager, Walter Wilson, 12A.

Business Staff: Marie Wolfinger, Dorothy Vetter, Catherine Cuttone, Anne Oliver, Helen Petty, Myra Hilbert, Dorothy Van Zant, Eva Farruggio, Robert Stackhouse, Anne Boyer, Roland Stockett, Betty Greenlee, Ellen MacMannus.

Irene Bernard, Donald Wanamaker, Leslie Wallace, Jack Younger, Helen Van Aken, Marie Spitzo, Arthur Massi, Rita Dugan, Fanny Carango, Rita McHugh, Gladys Hughes.


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